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Welcome to the official website of Nephew OD, a seasoned hip-hop artist known for his lyrical metaphors, thick 808s, and classic hip-hop sound. Producing beats in the heart of Valdosta, Nephew OD challenges the status quo with thought-provoking messages about life, love, and faith that is real as it gets.

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Biography of Nephew OD

Nephew OD is the rap king of Valdosta.

Born a "project-baby" on the Southside but destined for greatness, he overcame adversities to become the consistent music producer/lyrical Jedi he is today.

Delivering punchlines and bars, it's tough to believe that this artist lost his beautiful mother when he was just 17. This having turned his life upside down, Nephew OD speaks from the struggle of how it feels to become a man without his mother and father in his life.

Binging record after record from the greats while literally chopping wood on the wood yard for 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, Nephew Over-Dosed on Hip-Hop, loving the examples of Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Jay-Z, and many more.

Nephew OD has since began his own portfolio, starting with OD Off Da Reefer in 2017. The Proclamation Mixtape came in 2018, followed by "Connection," "Top Soldier," "Desperado," "Power," and then the Light Work EP in 2020.

2021 brought "I Can't Lose," "Make It Count," and the beat tape OD Off Da Beats. 2022 brought "Chance You Take," "So Humble," and "2 Black." In 2023, he co-produced the beat for "Father Forgive Them," by Precious Love, and released "Press Through," and "So You Say You Love Me." This year, 2024, Nephew OD released "Can't Hurt Me," "Glory Rain," "YOLO," and "I Rather."

"Light Work" was aired on Beat-It or delete it by DJ AP of 107.9 The Beat, and Nephew OD performed the song at the Southside Reunion. "Chance You Take" had over 100K plays on YouTube when it was released.

Soon to be released this July and August are his new singles, "Always Be There," and "Shine Ya Light." Stay tuned for the announcement for the next project, which will be released later this year.

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